Boeing Experience Center Digital Suite

Boeing Distribution Services Experience Center. Miami, FL

Our B2B digital suite is a relevant digital anchor for any experience center. The application is fully loaded with features that include product showcase, global footprint, company timeline and structure, a media gallery and a check out cart to send to customers any material they were interested in while exploring the suite.

For Boeing Distribution Services, the product showcase is accessed by customer types. Customer worlds are visually represented with stunning 4K CG environments which set the backdrop for showcasing solutions in the context of real world applications. Customers coming to the Boeing experience center select their application, such as commercial aviation, or private jet, or military and a beautiful zoom animation transitions the scene to a facility that matches the customer. The Boeing products and services are showcased within this context to help facilitate discussions with the sales team.

The suite has a check out cart feature that allows customers to email themselves product brochures and videos which provides the sales team with an easy follow up database.

This is a very intuitive and easy to use digital product that combines WOW factor with the right tools needed for an effective sales pitch.

Services: Customer experience design, branded environment design, Interactive digital content production, film production, hardware integration & installation, ongoing post launch support & monitoring.