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Technologies We Work With


Touchscreens are proven robust technology that we love to use in innovative ways. Weather its seamlessly hidden within themed scenic displays where visitors unexpectedly discover digital content, or artfully and openly displayed, touchscreen content is a cost effective powerful workhorse.


Our role in AV planning allows us to specify computing technology that seamlessly drives our touchscreens. Our remote support for all our global installations is always at hand to deal with any technical issues and content updates. 


Huhugam Heritage Center

Chandler, Arizona

A series of touchscreens that are weaved through the beautiful artifact collection help bridge the past to the present by extending content on display through a digital program. 

Video Walls

We LOVE Video walls. Video walls are a huge bank for the buck experience. The scale alone is impressive and memorable.


We often like to combine a video wall with content customization through our mobile app that allows stakeholders to select from a playlist of preloaded content to be showcased in real time on their video wall. This allows our clients to easily present custom digital content to a specific audience. 


Huhugam Heritage Center

Chandler, Arizona

This beautiful 8K video wall is the backdrop for a Native Cultural History Museum. It showcases a custom film that our team produced of the Gila river as it is coming back to life today. 

Motion Capture

The latest technology in revolutionizing the human interface with digital content is the Microsoft Azure Kinect, a cutting-edge spatial computing developer kit for interacting with digital content through gesture and body motion. Using Azure Kinect, we leverage spatial data and context to revolutionize the user experience. 

GOT Interactive 1.jpg

Game of Thrones Studio Tour

We are so excited to share our latest achievement that utilizes the Microsoft Azure Kinect - the cutting-edge spatial computing developer kit, for interacting with digital content through gesture and body motion. 


Using Azure Kinect, we leverage spatial data and context to revolutionize this user experience enabling visitors to "try on" show costumes and experience how motion capture is used in film.


Weather you are a museum, a corporate brand or an e-commerce shop, the web platform is no longer just your ordinary website. It is the start of your visitor and customer journey. It is the front door to your brand and cultural institution. The Visitor/Customer experience has to begin at this stage to nurture brand awareness, brand loyalty which will culminate in more engagement. 

VSE Aviation

VSE Aviation, a parts distribution partner in the aviation industry, is an established name in this sector. Their brand identity and messaging was not reflective of the customer driven mission the company is engaged in. Our team rebranded the company to reflect their mission and created a roadmap for the web presence that begins this journey for the customer.  

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