GE Oil & Gas Customer Centers - Global

Global Locations Include: Moscow Russia, Florence Italy, Campinas Brazil, UAE, Seoul S. Korea, Shanghai China.

Our team set the footprint for the strategic approach to building over a dozen customer centers around the world for GE Oil & Gas. Customers visiting these facilities range from C-Suite executives to engineers. The main goal of the centers is to expose customers to the comprehensive solutions GE has to offer in the Oil & Gas value chain.

We developed a branding and communication footprint that was consistently replicated globally, and was flexible enough to allow for unique adjustments to cultural and language customization. The centers showcase an extensive collection of real GE products which are supported by digital content that includes customer testimony videos and various interactive touchscreen content.

The anchor digital experience is the GE Village interactive that positions GE solutions in the context of its real world application in the Oil & Gas world.

Services: Customer experience design, branded environment design, Interactive digital content production, film production, ongoing post launch support & monitoring.