Watercraft Artifact Explorer

State Library Archives & Museum. Juneau, AK.

The Watercraft Explorer Interactive was produced as an anchor digital experience that featured the museum’s most closely guarded artifacts, previously unseen by the public. This highly anticipated interactive brings to life the indigenous watercraft that Alaska’s native inhabitants built and used in their everyday life. Utilizing stunning 3D graphics and multi-touch controls, the interactive allows guests to explore various vessels, in the exact way they were used by their native creators. Guests are able to guide their own experience by getting an up close and customized view of the craft, supporting artifacts, environmental elements and daily tasks.


By connecting to the digital library of the state of Alaska, the interactive is always relevant and up-to-date with content coming directly from the database. From fun and engaging free exploration to an in-depth learning experience, the Watercraft Explorer Interactive is designed to capture the interests of a wide range of audiences.


Services: Interactive digital content production, UI design, hardware integration, post launch support & monitoring.